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It's safe now.


It was lightly snowing a few nights ago but it all melted before it hit the ground. Was very pretty seeing the crystals flicker in the moonlight.


File: 1664390732265.png (7.4 MB, 3727x2849, snow rin.png) IQDB


I wish there was beautiful flickering snow crystals here, I don't think it will snow much in this part of the world anymore.


it has been softly snowing the past couple days its very nice nen


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too much snow and too much cold and too much wind ahhhhhhhh


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The snow has been melting and refreezing the past couple days so now it makes a nice crunchy sound when you walk on it and has a nice texture. The sidewalks are a icy slippery mess though so I have to be careful not to fall.


File: 1675009298124.jpg (343.26 KB, 800x600, __tsukimiya_ayu_minase_nay….jpg) IQDB

I want to move somewhere with snow…
I remember playing in the snow as a kid and then coming inside snow-blind and warming up by the fire. That was such a long time ago…


File: 1677016141511.jpg (101.08 KB, 850x595, __yugiri_tsuzuri_hinoshita….jpg) IQDB

Theres going to be a big snowstorm tonight into saturday they say nen


Woke up this morning and saw snow in the forecast, but then I went back to sleep and there was no snow ;_;


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Still lots of snow even though its spring… hurry up lily…


Won't be long before the snow returns

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