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this one has some(? one?) of my banners that i asked to be removed. nenmin promised, disappointed…


is this a real issue?


what do you mean? yes, i submitted it/them after nenmin said that they could be removed if i didn't want them displayed anymore. i did this like 2 years ago or something.


nen changed owners, silly filly


by taking on all privileges and responsibilities of the old nen, even taking on the name "nenmin", it is only right.

change of ownership doesn't mean abandonment of all debts and burdens.


You need to chill out. This is a cute anime girl picture website. You are a guest.
This is not a goverment institute. Nen doesn't owe you. Nen doesn't spend your tax dollars. Posting on nen is a privilege, not a constitutional right.
You are not forced to be here.
Chill out, seriously.


I am chill? I'm not swearing or anything, I'm saying nenmin should honour such agreements, it's only polite and the correct thing to do, values that nen is built on.


Why do you want them removed, nenly nens might want them still…


I don't want to see anyone go…


Did you try asking the current nenmin? They have an email. They're not in any way related to the old nenmin, nor had any contact with them, so it makes sense that they wouldn't be aware of an issue like that. I think it's just a simple misunderstanding.


Hi, and sorry for the confusion. I'm not the original Nenmin so I did my best to recreate the site from my caches with others help. I'd be happy to remove the banner for you, but could you please send some proof to my email at hatatemin@gmail.com ?

I want to be careful before doing something like that in case someone is impersonating the original nenfren who made the banner.


Hello hatatemin I hope you're doing well.


I've deleted the banner, sorry for the mixup.

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