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File: 1673370836961.jpg (795.91 KB, 1451x1010, 84777284_p0.jpg) IQDB


Or maybe sad images that are also a bit happy


File: 1673373091103.jpg (256.36 KB, 868x1228, 74885771_p4.jpg) IQDB


File: 1673436643084.jpeg (78.1 KB, 620x465, 665E1095-5EE6-44BE-9C7D-5….jpeg) IQDB


Wow look at ayumu relax.


File: 1673732549463.jpg (547.82 KB, 1701x2268, 1673579942306.jpg) IQDB

well I'm not saying I cried but


no ayumu in that picture, you seem to be confused?


She's relaxing.


But that image only has Tohno Shiki and Arcueid Brunestud from Tsukihime?


File: 1673818836318.png (493.13 KB, 685x619, -ω-.png) IQDB




File: 1673832485356.png (217.75 KB, 621x562, 00000056789765.png) IQDB

I just realized that my post with the Tsukihime picture got the Nrvnqsr Chaos name do I win a nenprize?


You can be the nenliest meow meow nenfren of the day!


File: 1674053207173.gif (203.84 KB, 498x224, AB299E58-7BD3-4AB1-807A-1A….gif) IQDB


File: 1674154672840.jpg (1.36 MB, 1200x1200, __yoshida_yuuko_chiyoda_mo….jpg) IQDB

homey but faintly bittersweet shadow mistress


Hello shadow girl


File: 1682993423052.jpg (336.13 KB, 1062x1150, 1666911853686226.jpg) IQDB


File: 1689566167522.jpg (252.48 KB, 926x685, FiAv5qXVsAAuSGG.jpg) IQDB


File: 1690430267419.jpg (90.72 KB, 1280x720, 1682725145098.jpg) IQDB




File: 1703977665623.png (690.36 KB, 1282x745, Screenshot_2023-12-29_13-3….png) IQDB


File: 1704031617159.jpg (213.31 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Hoshikuzu Tel….jpg) IQDB

this whole episode was sad but also a bit happy


File: 1705353083725.jpg (1.23 MB, 1247x1315, 1.jpg) IQDB

Part 1


File: 1705353276837.jpg (454.12 KB, 622x1313, 2.jpg) IQDB

Part 2…


Scared but also can't tell what direction to read this


File: 1705353450521.jpg (Spoiler Image, 351.54 KB, 615x880, 3.jpg) IQDB

Part 3 [pure]I love you nen [/pure]


I made a mistake…



i think its

1 4
2 5
3 6


File: 1712696030455.jpg (38.95 KB, 1200x1600, 193516f34e16f3ec1b90aa5e14….jpg) IQDB


Oh no…

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