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tengu summer edition


A nice and nenly tengu summer


File: 1716983252416.jpg (188.7 KB, 675x1200, GOdpaQPWUAA2l5G.jpg) IQDB


File: 1717002945886.jpg (415.18 KB, 1161x1520, 119165922_p0.jpg) IQDB

It's woofer wednesdays but I couldn't find a cute woofer so here's a chicken friend


File: 1717005738826.png (1.27 MB, 1443x1891, e4755d75a9756718d86b85f749….png) IQDB


File: 1717011030876.jpg (731.12 KB, 2048x2048, __hatsune_miku_vocaloid_dr….jpg) IQDB


File: 1717028517544.png (15.63 KB, 800x500, 2425 - komeiji_satori sad ….png) IQDB


a snacker must snack a nenpo must nen


hope sad satori can be silly satori again someday


File: 1717035804728.jpg (141.84 KB, 1280x720, [Erai-raws] Ookami to Kous….jpg) IQDB

what do nensnackers do


File: 1717039649950.jpg (129.77 KB, 500x460, 5123521512.jpg) IQDB


File: 1717047120650.jpg (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0180.jpg) IQDB

sometimes they snack and sometimes they nen it's complicated


File: 1717068694583.jpg (225.83 KB, 1200x1198, HFoaTrMTaEAAEhk9.jpg) IQDB


doing the deer dance nen


File: 1717087288597.jpg (211.99 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0250.jpg) IQDB

invaders(ants) are attacking again


File: 1717092211018.jpg (297.96 KB, 2148x1935, 6a6fe5c064f9ad8ac9de79c0c9….jpg) IQDB


File: 1717100063055.jpg (2.12 MB, 2339x3076, __komeiji_satori_touhou_dr….jpg) IQDB

almost, but not quite


File: 1717111149744.jpg (41.03 KB, 400x564, 65472347234.jpg) IQDB


File: 1717116443458.jpg (463.08 KB, 1600x1600, __komeiji_satori_touhou_dr….jpg) IQDB

sad satori is even more sad now…


what will it take to make sad satori happy or silly


File: 1717130809791.png (911.87 KB, 1036x1449, __komeiji_satori_kaenbyou_….png) IQDB

give her a few days, she may become more cheerful then…


File: 1717133203111.png (715.37 KB, 1360x2048, __original_drawn_by_kotats….png) IQDB

It's almost over nen, almost over…


File: 1717139594074.jpg (459.11 KB, 1400x2800, __komeiji_satori_kaenbyou_….jpg) IQDB


File: 1717156349681.jpg (127.1 KB, 540x1078, 1716831088996767.jpg) IQDB


File: 1717166292583.png (849.4 KB, 800x802, 97727468_p0.png) IQDB


File: 1717173612864.jpg (277.09 KB, 1500x1501, 118983643_p0.jpg) IQDB

first kon kon kinyoubi of the tengu summer I hope everyone is having a nenly day


File: 1717178702961.jpg (104.91 KB, 850x1134, __vulpix_ninetales_and_jin….jpg) IQDB

kon kon


File: 1717178979651.jpg (248.28 KB, 1000x1285, 5c9d1fc759a6fcc5d5cd6b85c2….jpg) IQDB


File: 1717215288527.jpg (176.83 KB, 776x802, 46847608_p19.jpg) IQDB


File: 1717216681644.jpg (437.2 KB, 784x1024, 117391764_p1.jpg) IQDB

parsee helping the nightbugs enjoyee friyay


it was a nice and nenly friyay for all


File: 1717242031189.jpg (120.12 KB, 1000x1255, GOuYXnnaAAA2Xis.jpg) IQDB

Meow meow golf is entering maintenance mode time to find a new game to play…


File: 1717264912516.jpg (191.06 KB, 1333x1670, 03c23c97729c6291d16445e563….jpg) IQDB


bye bye meow meow golf


File: 1717277453918.jpg (177.54 KB, 850x1204, 1519181209053.jpg) IQDB


File: 1717329787446.jpg (137.59 KB, 1000x700, GO96Wi2bkAA8Utv.jpg) IQDB


File: 1717332883284.jpg (90.65 KB, 850x1133, __kachimachi_kosuzu_love_l….jpg) IQDB

raining nen


it's raining nen


File: 1717351274779.png (6.54 MB, 3036x3459, 29d6537b6e9d87de57b0f0fef8….png) IQDB


File: 1717415575828.jpg (398.48 KB, 2803x3272, GNpb0eXXYAA8SHy.jpg) IQDB


File: 1717430335051.jpg (2.94 MB, 1694x2562, __yua_serufu_do_it_yoursel….jpg) IQDB

Built a cabinet nen


File: 1717437937767.jpg (249.27 KB, 600x800, 8ca1e4efdaa835d3d6aab5a905….jpg) IQDB


File: 1717460194346.jpg (164.9 KB, 724x930, 48655513_p0.jpg) IQDB


Good work building furniture is hard and tiring


File: 1717501446460.jpg (315.64 KB, 1080x1562, 1717333152821445.jpg) IQDB


File: 1717503059168.jpg (579.5 KB, 901x1394, 1456201982622.jpg) IQDB


File: 1717520709993.jpg (148.68 KB, 705x683, 5423523623623.jpg) IQDB


File: 1717524159558.png (360.08 KB, 640x800, 0776cf4065c5922cae6a6b3520….png) IQDB


Crying nen


File: 1717534520614.png (193.92 KB, 816x710, 100192504_p13.png) IQDB

Having some vodka.


sleepy nen


File: 1717540892088.jpg (43.59 KB, 850x850, __shameimaru_aya_inubashir….jpg) IQDB


saw some baby buns in my flower bed today


File: 1717544087909.jpg (407.5 KB, 1600x2000, 119352024_p0.jpg) IQDB

Wish i could see some baby buns that would be extra nenly


tired nen the sun attacks early these days


File: 1717587508039.jpg (45.47 KB, 450x532, GO96nyqa0AARQki.jpg) IQDB


File: 1717589386599.png (247.89 KB, 903x1832, 432152152315213521.png) IQDB


Need to go on a nenventure nen but I don't know what to do or where to go


File: 1717610555176.jpg (1.31 MB, 2480x3508, 6a440432209144862f8c195a7d….jpg) IQDB

Why? I hope you are in a better mood by now…


Things are better now, thank you


It's summer so a beach nenventure might be nice and nenly


File: 1717632227698.jpg (653.54 KB, 1094x1200, 119294860_p0_master1200.jpg) IQDB

Put off getting beach body ready until next year again


File: 1717674967201.jpg (215.92 KB, 1000x625, bafkreiafbucng2we2xe4fpz25….jpg) IQDB


File: 1717687394782.jpg (1.53 MB, 1700x1500, 100789190_p0.jpg) IQDB

hot summer daze


File: 1717696886789.jpg (514.87 KB, 2039x2894, 772940f06ced047d7b53a83a0b….jpg) IQDB


File: 1717702052345.jpg (122.64 KB, 547x600, 87926451_p7.jpg) IQDB


File: 1717707870927.jpg (631.94 KB, 1519x1353, bun.jpg) IQDB

finally saw one of the buns through a hole today
they should be here for the next week or two while they grow big and strong


File: 1717716189337.png (194.43 KB, 600x390, __enoshima_junko_danganron….png) IQDB

Hello and hope everyone is doing good


Good luck baby buns


File: 1717724048158.jpg (158.17 KB, 850x806, 1599498497032.jpg) IQDB


Watched a scary movie and now I can't sleep nen


File: 1717760777783.png (2.99 MB, 1400x2000, ecfef92a4bfee492fd6b50a6db….png) IQDB


File: 1717783311215.png (4.85 MB, 2000x3090, 1380a2700189a73147016811fd….png) IQDB


Kon kon nen


File: 1717792952844.jpg (256.88 KB, 1280x1920, 6erlhr2bjjxmqzj.jpg) IQDB


File: 1717797884698.png (311.96 KB, 850x931, 2212141252151251.png) IQDB

Having vodka.


File: 1717805962082.jpg (86.39 KB, 534x641, 32114141.jpg) IQDB



File: 1717829024263.jpg (61.56 KB, 850x850, __moriya_suwako_and_moriya….jpg) IQDB

frogot to kon kon


File: 1717847583769.jpg (171.39 KB, 1240x1500, 1717575715605193.jpg) IQDB




It's a meow meow meowsday


File: 1717869716085.jpg (498.45 KB, 989x1290, 08da887443cf4cec7eb7b879a1….jpg) IQDB


File: 1717872720654.jpg (206.32 KB, 800x1000, __imaizumi_kagerou_touhou_….jpg) IQDB

woofer weekend…


File: 1717886263821.jpg (391.36 KB, 800x968, __imaizumi_kagerou_touhou_….jpg) IQDB


File: 1717888288271.jpg (225.04 KB, 1080x1080, 119442048_p0.jpg) IQDB

had a long nap nen


hopefully she will microwave it to warm it up since I think she ordered a hot coffee


File: 1717902762400.jpg (182.21 KB, 700x569, bun pile.jpg) IQDB

snuck a peak of the nest


File: 1717921732589.jpg (1.31 MB, 900x1200, 119466212_p0_master1200.jpg) IQDB


File: 1717927047735.jpg (46.98 KB, 400x400, 19614870_p13.jpg) IQDB


File: 1717933842104.png (209.98 KB, 436x678, GPWrn9vbkAAj345.png) IQDB


blessed bunny burrow


File: 1717952008496.jpg (317.97 KB, 693x637, bun hiding.jpg) IQDB


File: 1717952032259.jpg (294.31 KB, 831x712, bun outside.jpg) IQDB

look who came out to play


File: 1717953256980.jpg (733.46 KB, 1754x1240, 119444736_p0.jpg) IQDB

amazing what a nenly sunday


File: 1717956051209.png (754.88 KB, 1280x1229, dc308444c35f762932544c452c….png) IQDB


sundae nenbunvasion


spaghetti night nen


File: 1718019436789.jpg (423.96 KB, 2048x1765, GMAuPP8W4AAp01g.jpg) IQDB

bunday over back to work


File: 1718025808257.jpg (70.7 KB, 900x807, GMgtPuabUAAesSo.jpg) IQDB

Bye bye bunday.


File: 1718026379315.jpg (1.03 MB, 1043x1029, __hata_no_kokoro_touhou_dr….jpg) IQDB

Back to work, but not for long!


File: 1718039876025.jpg (914.07 KB, 1920x2688, 114942250_p0.jpg) IQDB

Snacked hard this weeknend nen lots of video games and snacks


File: 1718042535052.png (206.82 KB, 600x600, beae10fe6baa1795b91aa41de3….png) IQDB


the buns left the nest
goodbye buns


bye bye buns good luck


File: 1718108589912.jpg (68.32 KB, 460x215, AoRR.jpg) IQDB


File: 1718110748371.jpg (103.87 KB, 800x672, __tokai_teio_and_symboli_r….jpg) IQDB

good mornen


File: 1718121792371.jpg (474.58 KB, 1505x1920, 105052510_p11.jpg) IQDB

Good mornen!!!!!!!!!!!!


File: 1718128905951.png (2.73 MB, 1758x2039, 057a858aa5a8eb12a1322c30f6….png) IQDB


Tired wish I had orange juice guess I'll just play some video games nen


pretty makocchan

drinking lemnennade its kinda like oj


lemnennade is nice too I ended up drinking coffee


File: 1718193729057.png (421.36 KB, 761x1024, tropateto.png) IQDB


File: 1718206194745.jpg (961.6 KB, 1300x1083, illust_119159573.jpg) IQDB

Woofer wednesday


File: 1718207095702.gif (1 MB, 540x540, 119477261-medium.gif) IQDB

Already woofer wednesdays times flying by this week nen


File: 1718215414985.jpg (351.66 KB, 1448x2048, 201892a12a9f8a431b516fb7b9….jpg) IQDB


Almost typed frogot to someone


Thinking about woofers


File: 1718279869163.jpg (3.93 MB, 2321x2156, GPyEdJebsAA4fjQ.jpg) IQDB


File: 1718301733607.jpg (1.02 MB, 2300x1265, 0886ab89f05c94fde0792fc4d9….jpg) IQDB




File: 1718364960709.png (768.15 KB, 1100x1000, 19660b15b9bf2edefe121464fa….png) IQDB


kon kon nenners


File: 1718383360910.jpg (263.61 KB, 1920x1080, 119631778_p0.jpg) IQDB

kon kon nen!!!


File: 1718388392677.jpg (256.05 KB, 1400x1400, __moriya_suwako_and_yasaka….jpg) IQDB

Cleaning and organizing nen


File: 1718388421822.png (79.58 KB, 348x1067, 593e9df9295de90a8dcd06f45b….png) IQDB


Might be time for nice weeknend nenpizza


Ate some nenpizza and now it's time to play video games and have fun.


File: 1718452827347.jpg (298.99 KB, 1400x1084, GP7z1bEa4AEuQUW.jpg) IQDB


File: 1718462405909.jpg (1 MB, 824x1200, 119663998_p0_master1200.jpg) IQDB


sigh it's rainnen and I'm out of groceries nen


Sunny rainening here and I'm also out of groceries


File: 1718480563019.jpg (178.98 KB, 1451x2048, 46b893b6e1bfc9fa25e8e1f716….jpg) IQDB


hungry hungry nenpos


File: 1718501535857.jpg (77.58 KB, 850x602, __watanabe_you_and_you_lov….jpg) IQDB

ate weekend pizza and napped


File: 1718524858431.jpg (170.41 KB, 1190x866, __konoe_kanata_love_live_a….jpg) IQDB



File: 1718538869721.jpg (112.55 KB, 1180x1280, GPjln58akAA27_a.jpg) IQDB


File: 1718560944781.jpg (4.1 MB, 2000x2636, b448ce8e8790a0100b41694ddf….jpg) IQDB


love kirby


File: 1718581217501.jpg (1.59 MB, 2050x1500, 119692301_p0.jpg) IQDB



File: 1718591065237.jpg (203.11 KB, 1792x828, __kagamihara_nadeshiko_yur….jpg) IQDB


Saw a license plate that said nen, nen


Yummy nencamper snack


Pinecones are not for snacking


File: 1718611649263.jpg (84.28 KB, 850x749, __maki_and_maki_blue_archi….jpg) IQDB



File: 1718623693128.jpg (1.59 MB, 4000x3000, GP5jF-eXoAAGWGG.jpg) IQDB


File: 1718644295849.jpg (135.35 KB, 850x1366, __komeiji_koishi_touhou_dr….jpg) IQDB

meow meow monday


meow meow mondays and miku miku molecules


File: 1718647311166.jpg (588.55 KB, 1024x768, c8e4c7821fb3442215274fe052….jpg) IQDB


File: 1718648540118.jpg (322.31 KB, 1054x1027, 119726811_p3.jpg) IQDB

burgers for lunch nen


File: 1718711443230.png (555.2 KB, 800x419, 1718543428132368.png) IQDB


File: 1718729234458.jpg (651.58 KB, 2100x1500, 119703241_p0.jpg) IQDB


File: 1718732001953.jpg (198.61 KB, 850x1202, __meisho_doto_umamusume_dr….jpg) IQDB

what a cute silly horse


File: 1718733714998.jpg (296.8 KB, 1200x841, 46a9505cbc2c6e954259896559….jpg) IQDB


File: 1718760991063.jpg (155.68 KB, 795x955, __konpaku_youmu_touhou_dra….jpg) IQDB

Stayed up late gaming nen, now I'm tired today…


The life of a gamer nothing better than a long night gaming


Drinking orange juice and eating strawberries


File: 1718795673303.jpg (406.09 KB, 1191x1182, 96578085_p0.jpg) IQDB


File: 1718812400565.jpg (228.18 KB, 1243x750, 119787923_p0.jpg) IQDB

Too hot out already nen when is moon rabbit autumn going to come


File: 1718819239545.jpg (99.71 KB, 850x1113, __hinoshita_kaho_love_live….jpg) IQDB


File: 1718822101577.jpg (1.06 MB, 1405x1364, 7a549f195f9cb32d55cd8dbf62….jpg) IQDB


Woofer wednesday


File: 1718832094699.jpg (56.77 KB, 849x566, __poli_goddess_of_victory_….jpg) IQDB


File: 1718833334248.jpg (247.06 KB, 1106x696, 119747904_p0.jpg) IQDB

bidoof is kinda a woofer


File: 1718851489469.jpg (248.29 KB, 1448x2048, 20240619_191206.jpg) IQDB


cute woofer. kind of feel bad that I kept one in my party only to use HMs back in the day…


Woofers don't mind they love you anyways


File: 1718882593305.jpg (153.62 KB, 1463x1463, GQdKZ3tacAAYRSh.jpg) IQDB


File: 1718891559930.jpg (831.99 KB, 2302x3178, __frieren_and_fern_sousou_….jpg) IQDB


uh oh fren is pissed


File: 1718898863719.jpg (376.57 KB, 1280x720, 119805838_p0.jpg) IQDB

What a fern


File: 1718906513016.jpg (2.04 MB, 1595x2035, 5774db77affb1927c169d0cb1a….jpg) IQDB


melting nen too hot


File: 1718933213782.jpg (178.95 KB, 1250x1250, 20240620_080224.jpg) IQDB


too hot to nensnack too hot to game too hot to take it easy


File: 1718971135348.jpg (56.17 KB, 1500x738, GQQTtsPb0AEt_xG.jpg) IQDB


File: 1718975115950.jpg (174.98 KB, 1280x720, FNzZb6uaAAAUgOO.jpg) IQDB

kon kon


File: 1718992868301.jpg (106.07 KB, 747x767, hot day.jpg) IQDB


File: 1719007444873.jpg (542.49 KB, 1793x869, 119699550_p0.jpg) IQDB

Too hot to kon kon nen, kon kon!!!


stay cool frens. its been very nice here but its rained a lot but at least its not like last years drought where everything was brown and unsoft


Sigh droughts are scary don't like unsoftness


File: 1719048156446.jpg (884.66 KB, 1431x2048, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_dra….jpg) IQDB

sigh nen so much free time and nothing to do…


collect pokemon cards with mom


File: 1719057653799.jpg (145.03 KB, 1280x1280, 1718980991501517.jpg) IQDB

Same need a new project to work on


File: 1719079052472.jpg (209.41 KB, 1448x2048, 16131eb2ff8415af18ca60cb42….jpg) IQDB


File: 1719086094006.jpg (288.12 KB, 928x1200, 119793013_p0.jpg) IQDB

Not working on any projects just playing nice video game and having fun right nyow


File: 1719102534261.jpg (414.81 KB, 667x1000, __satono_diamond_umamusume….jpg) IQDB


File: 1719110650723.jpg (997.22 KB, 1000x1500, 20240622_093449.jpg) IQDB


File: 1719142778571.jpg (4.22 MB, 2894x4093, GQa44gtaIAEWH9p.jpg) IQDB


File: 1719158958644.jpg (418.17 KB, 1069x1715, 119900699_p0.jpg) IQDB

pretty princess sundays


File: 1719165724505.png (126.39 KB, 1538x2282, 9fbb246216c0577c3cb5d33fff….png) IQDB


File: 1719168602549.jpg (23.17 KB, 850x850, __kachimachi_kosuzu_and_an….jpg) IQDB

woofer slippers


File: 1719196828966.png (3.28 MB, 1556x2048, illust_119900960_20240623_….png) IQDB


Rock on


File: 1719198864644.jpg (76.37 KB, 850x957, __koito_yuu_and_nanami_tou….jpg) IQDB



File: 1719229800316.jpg (148.3 KB, 1200x1466, GFzprlTbIAAhTQb.jpg) IQDB


File: 1719243590483.png (862.45 KB, 1416x1890, __hijiri_byakuren_and_kaso….png) IQDB

mom got a new woofer nen


File: 1719246321938.jpg (409.03 KB, 1396x2360, 119830134_p0.jpg) IQDB

wowowowow lucky new woofer miku miku mondays


File: 1719252148286.jpg (318.29 KB, 1000x1403, dbcffb0a277a72cf74c5d9cedb….jpg) IQDB


File: 1719282799838.jpg (145.7 KB, 1023x628, 20240623_085515.jpg) IQDB


File: 1719287679433.jpg (163.71 KB, 850x1276, __hatsune_miku_vocaloid_dr….jpg) IQDB

Meow miku monday

Scary beartrap bracelets…


File: 1719314130911.jpg (255.54 KB, 1654x1465, GQ2RLdcbEAAhIe4.jpg) IQDB


File: 1719334605003.jpg (413.84 KB, 1920x1080, 119969797_p0.jpg) IQDB


File: 1719338007521.gif (885.08 KB, 480x270, 1418657559069.gif) IQDB


File: 1719338606672.png (3.84 MB, 2078x3720, 37e6952a32e5b898c9a0dbd71e….png) IQDB


gave woofer a walk and shared a banana for my day off nen


nice and nenly woofers walks


File: 1719356932398.jpg (619.92 KB, 1667x2048, __original_drawn_by_yuki_f….jpg) IQDB

played with moms new woofer. he's silly and cute nen


File: 1719370870302.jpg (127.71 KB, 707x501, 20240625_190252.jpg) IQDB

cute awoofers deserve fun


File: 1719402982636.jpg (320.16 KB, 1650x1650, GQVg81HaUAAtoNg.jpg) IQDB


File: 1719417078774.jpg (1.01 MB, 3072x2304, 120003012_p0.jpg) IQDB

woofer wednesdays


File: 1719438363689.jpg (637.81 KB, 1468x1707, __hatsune_miku_vocaloid_dr….jpg) IQDB

Went to the gamer store nen. It really smelled like gamers in there.


File: 1719439619779.jpg (117.18 KB, 850x648, __murano_sayaka_and_yugiri….jpg) IQDB

meow meowednesday


File: 1719454011870.jpg (667.99 KB, 1536x2048, 20240626_080205.jpg) IQDB


File: 1719454129546.jpg (111.68 KB, 1088x1088, __tachibana_kimika_subaras….jpg) IQDB


Had a nice bath nen and now it's time to game.


File: 1719467685897.jpg (414.36 KB, 849x1200, 119995683_p0_master1200.jpg) IQDB

nensnacking on banana candies


File: 1719487086897.jpg (504.11 KB, 1937x1336, GP7lPRibwAA8wFC.jpg) IQDB


File: 1719504330019.jpg (873.59 KB, 1800x2300, 102042657_p0.jpg) IQDB

can't adventure in eorzea until tomorrow nen the new world is coming


File: 1719511292544.png (1.26 MB, 943x1466, f86a235c00e4b2051d01063010….png) IQDB


File: 1719528501983.jpg (1.64 MB, 1200x1550, 119982260_p0.jpg) IQDB


File: 1719530605848.jpg (761.06 KB, 2480x3508, 20240627_174107.jpg) IQDB


File: 1719539710714.jpg (297.63 KB, 800x800, 1598810687252.jpg) IQDB




File: 1719575115829.jpg (89.09 KB, 1000x999, 02abe7471752d5dfc276e9a669….jpg) IQDB


File: 1719587054956.png (694.14 KB, 555x777, __tamamo_and_tamamo_aria_f….png) IQDB

kon kon nen


kon kon nen


eating nenpizzas


File: 1719630134777.jpg (325.23 KB, 1447x2047, 20240628_211648.jpg) IQDB


File: 1719633595907.jpg (125.46 KB, 1524x1886, __inubashiri_momiji_touhou….jpg) IQDB

Sigh nen


what's wrong fren


File: 1719659523211.jpg (113.16 KB, 850x976, __hinoshita_kaho_and_otomu….jpg) IQDB

gooooooooooood mornen


File: 1719661414035.png (15.26 KB, 1280x1280, 1719614532401870.png) IQDB


thursday kitty juice


File: 1719675930854.jpg (85.16 KB, 1440x1800, __oomuro_sakurako_yuru_yur….jpg) IQDB

Accidentally put my old address in for shipping…


File: 1719680065038.jpg (270.63 KB, 1920x1080, Net-juu no Susume - 03 [B….jpg) IQDB

cheddar turtles secured and weeknend pizza in the oven time to take it easy and play mmos

if you have a change of address setup they might still get it to your new address…


File: 1719682978950.jpg (785.57 KB, 2048x2048, 118793046_p0.jpg) IQDB

All stocked up on snacks here too it's time to game and have lots of fun!!!!!


File: 1719684234477.jpg (3.07 MB, 3768x5000, 083963a8526559433e9cb7eaa0….jpg) IQDB


File: 1719685395915.jpg (1.91 MB, 4093x2894, __hatsune_miku_magical_mir….jpg) IQDB

It's being delivered today, but it turns out mom's going there to do some last minute moving stuff.
Another easy day for me nen.


File: 1719715183564.jpg (215.11 KB, 1225x1960, 20240629_174050.jpg) IQDB


File: 1719715430153.jpg (1023.68 KB, 849x1200, 119072308_p0_master1200.jpg) IQDB


File: 1719728620589.jpg (124.88 KB, 1024x1024, __hatsune_miku_vocaloid_dr….jpg) IQDB

Ordered a late night nenpizza


File: 1719748323846.jpg (656.81 KB, 1536x2048, GRJaTPvaYAE4aIb.jpg) IQDB


pretty princess sunday


File: 1719763509901.jpg (217.99 KB, 1150x1450, 120126905_p0.jpg) IQDB


File: 1719766577285.jpg (158.12 KB, 850x1202, __watanabe_you_and_takami_….jpg) IQDB


File: 1719770554505.jpg (285.92 KB, 1778x2545, 624b1e7b26055384f3d0e360c0….jpg) IQDB


File: 1719801049103.jpg (1.21 MB, 3000x1700, 20240629_180356.jpg) IQDB


nensnacking on nectarines


File: 1719832787401.jpg (274.31 KB, 1536x2048, GRVwPA6bAAA-hJ6.jpg) IQDB


cloudy summer time days nen


File: 1719848728799.jpg (30.35 KB, 341x293, 1599678273935.jpg) IQDB

Feelin' hopeful


File: 1719856923459.jpg (308.07 KB, 990x825, cf62a4bdef9f41e3af2b256c81….jpg) IQDB


File: 1719891091082.jpg (1.24 MB, 2000x1775, 120163118_p0.jpg) IQDB

had a nice day in the sun nen


File: 1719920111775.jpg (227.15 KB, 1443x2048, GG1-_cEbwAA6XLM.jpg) IQDB


File: 1719938454080.jpg (852.27 KB, 4093x2302, 120083303_p0.jpg) IQDB

reading tsukihimes


File: 1719943352345.jpg (225.38 KB, 1345x1920, c937e596262a36856019b407ca….jpg) IQDB


Nice and cute.


File: 1719958077319.jpg (154.32 KB, 904x2048, GRYokFvbYAAOrb_.jpg) IQDB

I love Cinnamoroll ehehe


cinnamoroll flooping with froggies


File: 1719968169049.jpg (224.75 KB, 1280x1280, 20240702_081537.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720004192138.jpg (259.49 KB, 1469x1125, GQZjq2oaIAANLVt.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720013996105.png (55.16 KB, 600x600, __haruna_kantai_collection….png) IQDB


woofer Wednesdays + quackers


File: 1720027926334.jpg (203.39 KB, 500x500, 18895872_p0_master1200.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720029760970.jpg (4.14 MB, 1500x2000, 2e6e9696e24e8f7fff6cd636d7….jpg) IQDB


File: 1720030519732.jpg (348.09 KB, 2048x1152, GQSYD7zbMAArPxv.jpg) IQDB



File: 1720031650149.jpg (627.85 KB, 800x2031, __kirisame_marisa_and_kaso….jpg) IQDB

woofer wednesdays


File: 1720038390990.jpg (195.34 KB, 760x760, 120221735_p0.jpg) IQDB

cute li'l nenquackers having fun in the ribbit ribbit river hope the scared one has fun too


File: 1720055046679.png (2.21 MB, 1904x1940, illust_120213167_20240703_….png) IQDB


Stayed up super late gaming nen now its time for bed


File: 1720092399880.jpg (217.86 KB, 900x1200, GRUHVffaUAAzDxP.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720105542705.png (813.34 KB, 811x1400, __kurata_sayuri_kanon_draw….png) IQDB


File: 1720109139865.jpg (321.18 KB, 1000x789, 8596552916c1b910bad5f6d436….jpg) IQDB

Cicadas are strong this year


File: 1720111245055.jpg (525.33 KB, 972x1727, 115893524_p0.jpg) IQDB



Makes me want to spend some nice and easy time on my animal crossing island


File: 1720111612359.jpg (152.99 KB, 850x1200, __charlotte_e_yeager_world….jpg) IQDB

hoppy america day nen


File: 1720116267593.jpg (818.6 KB, 1240x1754, 19e719e854524a1218605a1e4a….jpg) IQDB


File: 1720117873563.png (339.79 KB, 900x1000, __clownpiece_touhou_drawn_….png) IQDB


File: 1720121701186.jpg (154.66 KB, 2048x1835, GPXhK9vbQAEqAJs.jpg) IQDB

have a nenly day too


File: 1720144305243.jpg (359.81 KB, 1448x2048, 20240704_200138.jpg) IQDB

flan and america share a day


File: 1720157751053.jpg (581.19 KB, 1298x1736, 120152157_p0.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720178293220.jpg (903.51 KB, 1400x1005, fca661c3a321e22b8205281d50….jpg) IQDB


File: 1720188119402.jpg (106.39 KB, 850x1073, __hatsune_miku_cinnamoroll….jpg) IQDB

miki monday wow


File: 1720202020171.jpg (232.42 KB, 741x1060, 120261953_p0.jpg) IQDB

miki mondays would be nice kon kon nen


File: 1720202513993.png (9.56 MB, 4046x5520, 518cbe92b74b40037c4391bdc6….png) IQDB


Whoa miki miku mako-chan monday




File: 1720236877246.jpg (532.37 KB, 1708x2500, 20240705_080723.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720238932495.jpg (116.57 KB, 850x1202, __momose_ginko_love_live_a….jpg) IQDB

kon kon


File: 1720244007525.jpg (122.72 KB, 1800x1500, 1558095978272.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720264765510.jpg (556.65 KB, 2897x4096, GPo6RwnbcAEyULe.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720272368340.jpg (364.51 KB, 1764x1900, __dream_journey_umamusume_….jpg) IQDB


File: 1720286754264.jpg (346.94 KB, 815x1146, 120295183_p0.jpg) IQDB

nenly summer time saturdays


File: 1720287610526.jpg (495.95 KB, 2250x3000, __hatsune_miku_vocaloid_an….jpg) IQDB

Built my desk shelf nen, now all my softs have a home!


File: 1720288918822.png (340.83 KB, 724x1023, a329cfde5f5a1dfa37dce298ba….png) IQDB


good job diy-er


File: 1720291576128.jpg (75.71 KB, 850x549, __mejiro_mcqueen_umamusume….jpg) IQDB

a new shelf for softs sounds serene




File: 1720324544161.png (579.26 KB, 750x750, illust_120302019_20240706_….png) IQDB


File: 1720350896748.jpg (133.63 KB, 1288x1288, GRp_hBQbMAM5IdN.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720360308749.jpg (1 MB, 2448x3162, __yua_serufu_do_it_yoursel….jpg) IQDB



File: 1720372207598.jpg (209.79 KB, 850x1202, __la_darknesss_hololive_dr….jpg) IQDB

dill pickle chips acquired time to game


File: 1720375288952.jpg (1.73 MB, 2894x4093, ab31e86dd97a0aa6685688fb9b….jpg) IQDB


File: 1720375504028.jpeg (316.52 KB, 1535x2048, GR5KxgzakAA0GqS.jpeg) IQDB


maosu maosu


went for a short nenventure in the sun now it's time to game


File: 1720391754903.jpg (290.59 KB, 1717x1437, 114797760_p0.jpg) IQDB

Had to go back out for weeknend nensnacks now it's time to game


File: 1720409492903.jpg (207.69 KB, 1112x1373, 20240707_082513.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720436292145.jpg (376.21 KB, 1874x2048, GRWVqUya0AAB3u9.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720457835449.jpg (1.02 MB, 1412x2142, 119947254_p0.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720459955193.jpg (235.64 KB, 1240x1550, cfb38a87383a037c96616c82f0….jpg) IQDB

yareyare da ze


File: 1720459971211.png (218.36 KB, 370x593, 1600375797663.png) IQDB


File: 1720461701152.jpg (101.51 KB, 1020x1255, 0d37db8d6dc721fdf63130e830….jpg) IQDB



File: 1720471158478.jpg (109.39 KB, 768x1024, __alear_alear_and_alear_fi….jpg) IQDB


File: 1720484814799.jpg (292.77 KB, 1453x2048, miko.jpg) IQDB

Off to work nen


Good luck today


File: 1720490204652.jpg (2.25 MB, 2420x3498, 海老塚智_119204938.jpg) IQDB

cute tomo


File: 1720494085853.jpg (480.81 KB, 1920x1080, [SobsPlease] Girls Band Cr….jpg) IQDB


File: 1720524654142.jpg (133.34 KB, 1006x1015, GR7Mfp3a8AAQFw9.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720528039510.jpg (136.71 KB, 1103x800, __sika_deer_kemono_friends….jpg) IQDB


File: 1720532580041.jpg (128.24 KB, 850x1200, __hatsune_miku_and_fujita_….jpg) IQDB


File: 1720546506523.png (590.48 KB, 971x750, 120388278_p0.png) IQDB

Love the deer dance and deer dancing miku is really cute


File: 1720548101693.jpg (97.69 KB, 1255x824, 21c7ca100adef8e750deda6704….jpg) IQDB


File: 1720563152556.png (578.04 KB, 800x900, __rupa_and_ebizuka_tomo_gi….png) IQDB


File: 1720575169977.jpg (679.52 KB, 1135x1372, illust_120387043_20240709_….jpg) IQDB


File: 1720610587921.jpg (289.6 KB, 1524x2048, GRa5mm4b0AY72Li.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720623308224.jpg (67.71 KB, 850x1381, __baigaoji_original_drawn_….jpg) IQDB

cute froggie leaf hat


File: 1720630364810.jpg (62.57 KB, 888x600, 120391422_p0.jpg) IQDB



File: 1720634537875.jpg (168.52 KB, 1447x2047, 82de1e5131a5c2f62dd7c13163….jpg) IQDB


File: 1720641500452.png (313.54 KB, 895x1200, 119393452_p5.png) IQDB


File: 1720659245331.png (427.58 KB, 1024x1024, 1565905275287.png) IQDB


File: 1720661369142.jpg (560.96 KB, 2105x1772, 20240710_082215.jpg) IQDB


miku miku melting here too


File: 1720697394447.png (338.31 KB, 1000x1000, 115771255_p0.png) IQDB


File: 1720698463667.jpg (224.33 KB, 850x1270, __kumozora_huume_original_….jpg) IQDB


File: 1720720895736.jpg (1.56 MB, 1440x1920, 50a74dbf41a10913260588824a….jpg) IQDB


File: 1720730540274.gif (165.41 KB, 600x600, 1616995551692.gif) IQDB


File: 1720738373655.jpg (269.92 KB, 1500x2133, 61567361_p0.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720749051055.jpg (266.44 KB, 1254x1770, 20240711_204923.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720752417524.jpg (391.65 KB, 1100x800, 79556734_p12.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720785402714.jpg (501.46 KB, 813x1000, be1d9f7215464b8552a61ddb8b….jpg) IQDB


File: 1720797000298.jpg (74.15 KB, 850x850, __anisphia_wynn_palettia_a….jpg) IQDB

kon kon thinking of cooler weather


File: 1720801145103.jpg (524.43 KB, 1920x1080, 119438370_p0.jpg) IQDB

kon kon kinyoubi nen it's going to be a nice and nenly day let's enjoyee to our fullest


File: 1720807530662.jpg (126.86 KB, 865x1200, 2242a7272df15f01513d9dcd12….jpg) IQDB


File: 1720838315236.jpg (344.88 KB, 1448x2048, 20240712_212959.jpg) IQDB


Smashed watermelon


File: 1720870491195.jpg (413.3 KB, 1463x2048, GR-cV4QagAAyMzC.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720901235190.jpg (130.7 KB, 850x1086, __karyl_and_serika_blue_ar….jpg) IQDB



File: 1720921347534.jpg (710.61 KB, 1920x1238, 120494713_p0.jpg) IQDB

went swimming in the ocean nen


File: 1720922883742.jpg (3.08 MB, 4091x2301, 20240713_190718.jpg) IQDB


summer time evenings


File: 1720957087138.jpg (1.32 MB, 3540x4000, GSQFRWnagAIdCUe.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720963113599.jpg (248.06 KB, 1240x1748, GSQiQ30a8AAGxbf.jpg) IQDB


File: 1720964805581.jpg (181.51 KB, 603x992, __wakasagihime_touhou_draw….jpg) IQDB


that sounds fun I've never been to an ocean beach


File: 1720974310922.gif (1.7 MB, 800x450, 120535795-large.gif) IQDB


File: 1720980192977.jpg (541.57 KB, 2926x4096, 82203c79f74fd56326bf37858e….jpg) IQDB


File: 1721043404813.jpg (198.98 KB, 1500x1741, GR9e3zTacAA3T_d.jpg) IQDB


File: 1721054783010.jpg (2.77 MB, 3072x3072, __kasane_teto_and_kasane_t….jpg) IQDB

Had nenpizza nen


sure is a meowy meow monday out there nen


File: 1721065212680.jpg (421.52 KB, 1019x1285, 120556740_p0.jpg) IQDB

feeling sicky sick nen going to stay home today and take it easy instead of working it's still a meowy meow monday though


File: 1721066583934.jpg (1.85 MB, 1320x2486, 1748098c365b0d4e3e13074493….jpg) IQDB



File: 1721069907181.jpg (108.94 KB, 850x1429, __gotoh_hitori_and_kita_ik….jpg) IQDB


get well soon


File: 1721091538944.jpg (390.49 KB, 2000x1732, 20240715_184736.jpg) IQDB


File: 1721122622003.jpg (330.57 KB, 801x1122, __nishimiya_shouko_koe_no_….jpg) IQDB


File: 1721128451078.jpg (465.08 KB, 580x900, GShmBTWacAANBbf.jpg) IQDB


File: 1721146902888.jpg (192.09 KB, 1050x700, 120596596_p0.jpg) IQDB

good morning nen nen nen nen nen


File: 1721152945513.jpg (184.57 KB, 1400x2048, 10a3ab5fdd7df07c515b346f7b….jpg) IQDB


File: 1721182335808.png (1.45 MB, 946x1503, illust_120592168_20240716_….png) IQDB


File: 1721215073631.jpg (702.36 KB, 1750x2357, GSJeJdoaUAUejap.jpg) IQDB


File: 1721219100949.jpg (920.09 KB, 2508x3541, bb224d0e470b446437e8677ff8….jpg) IQDB


File: 1721236478485.jpg (230.21 KB, 1920x1080, GROpyOebgAAUOvH.jpg) IQDB


File: 1721239413770.jpg (828.29 KB, 1800x2700, 5803f497e7830c2ea325278e38….jpg) IQDB


File: 1721240875745.jpg (600.27 KB, 2480x3508, 120589375_p0.jpg) IQDB


File: 1721245227223.jpg (186.83 KB, 500x727, 4235234623723.jpg) IQDB

I should order food!


File: 1721248018401.jpg (130.03 KB, 850x1203, __holo_spice_and_wolf_draw….jpg) IQDB

yummy wednesday woofer nensnacks


File: 1721270514987.jpg (629.54 KB, 1643x2000, 120591336_p0.jpg) IQDB

love nensnacking on woofer wednesdays


File: 1721272757078.gif (285.06 KB, 480x270, 1623300853809.gif) IQDB

woofer wednesday! wow wow

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